.NET Goes Open Source

Some big news in the .NET/Microsoft world today: the .NET runtime (roughly equivalent to the JVM in the Java world) will now be fully open source (MIT License) and cross-platform. This means .NET will be fully supported on the Mac and Linux. It looks like the aims of Mono, the current community-driven cross-platform open source implementation of .NET, […]

The State of Front-End Package Management

Scott Hanselman just introduced support for front-end build tools grunt, gulp, bower, and npm on his blog. Visual Studio is going to have support for front-end build tooling and package management. As Scott mentions, there still is possible use cases for using NuGet to distribute front-end assets. However, I think not using any package management for front […]

Freelancing Early In Your Software Development Career

My advice to most freelancers early in their career: don’t do it long-term. There is a definite long-term limiting factor when it comes to freelancing that impacts your professional (craft) and career development. This is particularly true in any industry where it takes a team deliver a product or service. Freelancing is a tremendous learning experience. I […]

Recent Azure Highlights – November 2013

Earlier this week Scott Guthrie had a another round of announcements (just two weeks since the last round) of Azure awesomeness . Highlights included: Web Sites now support remote debugging WebSocket support for Azure Web Sites Continuous delivery support for Git in TFS Some takeaways for me are that Azure Web Sites are receiving the same TLC […]

.NET/Azure Folks: Learn Reactive Programming

On November 4th, the course Principles of Reactive Programming will start on Coursera: https://www.coursera.org/course/reactive. While the course is not taught in .NET, the principles are platform agnostic but is particularly targeted at building distributed and scalable systems. You can learn more about the characteristics of these systems here: http://www.reactivemanifesto.org. One of the course instructors is Erik Meijer, a former architect […]

What I Learned at Pablo’s Fiesta: A Better (and testable) Entity Framework Story with Highway.Data

Last weekend I attended Pablo’s Fiesta, an open spaces conference in Austin, Texas. There were some great sessions and discussions from everything from working remotely for Github, contributing to open source, to using NuGet at in the enterprise. One particularly interesting session that I attended was a review of a framework that had been on my radar: […]